It's a Top Shop
There are hundreds of Salvos Stores around Australia stocked with great fashion buys.

Do your kids grow so fast you seem to buy them new clothes every other week? Do you need a new pair of shoes/a winter jacket/pair of jeans, but just can't afford them?

Being short of cash doesn't mean you have to be short on style, as our Salvos Stores fashion shoot shows. You can buy an entire child's outfit—including shoes—for under $10. Or choose a dress to wear over jeans, add a pair of shoes, a trendy handbag and a cute string of beads—and the five items cost just $40.

Kelly Dredge, manager at Ringwood Salvos Stores (Vic.), says it's a win-win way to shop, with many regulars coming back to her shop for the good prices, quality stock that changes every day, and to chat with the friendly volunteer staff.

'We have families who come in often for well-priced kids' clothes because they grow so quickly, then once they've grown out of them, they donate the items back to us,' she says.

'It's a great way to recycle.'

All profit from the sale of goods at Salvos Stores contributes to invaluable community programs operated by The Salvation Army

For more information go to (Vic., SA, WA, NT and Tas.) and (NSW, Qld and ACT). Photographs: Rosana Kersh Photography (; Capturing Grace Photography and Design (

Jacob Shirt $3.25, Shorts $3.25, Toy truck $3.25
Charlotte T-shirt $4.25, Skirt $3.25

Gavin Short sleeve shirt $4.50, ¾ denim shorts $6.50, Slip-on leather shoes $8
Luca Pink ruffle T-shirt $1.50, Denim skirt $3, Socks 50c, Joggers $3
Zarli T-shirt $1.50, Denim ruffle skirt $2, Socks 50c, Joggers $1.50
Bernadette Singlet top $3.50, Stretch denim jeans $6.50, Sandals $5

Son Vest $3.25, Tracksuit pants $3.25, Striped shirt $2.25, Converse shoes $4.25
Dad V-neck jumper $7.25, Skinny jeans $8.25, Shoes $12.25

Mel Dress $6.25, Jeans $9.50, Shoes $11.25, Bag $9.25

Vol. 133 No.28
19 July 2014
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